Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Viv's Vintage Pick of the Week, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boho

Boho fashion has been a hot look this summer. This effortlessly chic style is great not only for the trendy set but for vintage lovers, as well. Combining elements of hippie, ethnic, and upscale glam, it's both stylish and comfortable, and the mix & match, layering aesthetic makes it a great way to combine your favorite vintage pieces with fresh new finds & funky accessories. 

I love this 70s dress for its soft earth tones & romantic flower print--I'd wear it with some chunky earrings & a wide-brimmed hat in summer, then take it into the fall with boots & a vest.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vintage Weekend is THIS weekend - be sure to stop by and check it out!

Just a quick post to remind everyone that the next Vintage Weekend Online Antiques & Collectibles show is coming up THIS weekend - March 20 - 21 - 22. We've got 17 dealers participating this time around, there's going to be lots of cool stuff to check out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Viv's Vintage Pick of the Week -- Cool 60's Cufflinks!

We've got one for the guys this week! Two pairs of super swank vibrant gold tone 60s mesh wrap around cufflinks with loads of classic retro style. Slip a pair of these bad boys & pretend you're an extra in Mad Men or a high roller in the heyday of Las Vegas cool. A great gift for the retro-minded gent!

 1960's Gold Tone Mesh Wrap Around Cufflinks

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Viv's Vintage Pick of the Week!

Hey, Vintage Lovers!

Viv's Vintage Pick of the Week is a new feature that takes a fresh look at a hidden gem in Viv's vast vintage inventory on Etsy. Each week we'll shine a spotlight on something extra special--maybe a fabulous frock, an especially snazzy hat, or some weird and wonderful vintage crafting supplies.

This week we're showcasing a fun, kooky half apron from the 1950's. Whoever designed this adorable vintage novelty apron had a great sense of both style and humor! The black & white stripes and ric rac trim are a classic 1950’s look, and the sewing supplies hanging from the pockets & measuring tape hem are just plain fun. It’s a perfect mix of vintage fashion & DIY craft styles—so retro and yet so now!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey Viv ! at the 2014 Bust Holiday Craftacular in Brooklyn!

Looking for some great gift ideas for the vintage lover in your life (or yourself--it's okay, your secret is safe with us) this holiday season? Hey Viv ! has got you covered. We'll be in Brooklyn this weekend, December 6 & 7, selling some of our favorite vintage items that we've been saving for just such an occasion, at the Bust Holiday Craftacular!

 Hey Viv ! at the 2014 Bust Holiday Craftacular in Brooklyn, NY

We went through our secret stash of fabulous finds and picked out lots of fun vintage pieces great for giving as gifts or treating yourself. Funky jewelry, fancy hats, snazzy purses, spiffy scarves, classy gloves, and more! (We even found some sexy, sheer 1950's secretary blouses! Oh la la!)

We'll be there with our favorite jewelry designer, Hey, Dollface! and dozens of other vendors selling lovely vintage and handmade items. See you there!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All Wrapped Up For the Holidays

It’s the time of the season for red and white! Are  you prepping to get all wrapped up for the holidays? Stores are starting to unwrap red and white decorations to get into the spirit of the holidays. Even Starbucks busted out their special red and white holiday cups! As the holiday season approaches, you may have received an invitation or two to friends and families holiday parties. But the questions always is, what to wear. You saved a beautiful piece from last holiday season, but this year you'd rather make a statement with a fabulous vintage piece.

You want to get into the holiday spirit with a holiday themed outfit without looking like a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush. Try a red and white themed outfit! It says “Look at me, I’m bold and love the holidays!” Now, the search is on for the perfect vintage holiday party outfit. To avoid crowded malls during the busiest time of year, check out Hey Viv ! Vintage on Etsy.

Unwrap a Holiday Look with a great Red and/or White Vintage item from Hey Viv ! Vintage on Etsy. Wrap yourself up in a Mad Men style 1950's Vintage Red Wiggle dress to wear to your special holiday party. This vintage dress is a dark red rayon sheath. The neckline has side pieces that form a collar with long tabs that can be criss crossed and held with a pin or tied in a bow. This wiggle dress can sure show off your curves too!
Vintage Red Wiggle Dress

Already have a dress, but looking for a special piece to add to it? Add on a 1950's Vintage White Enamel and Silver Tone Necklace and Clip on Earring Set. This vintage necklace and earring set by Sarah Coventry features stylized grape leaves enameled in white with little grape clusters in silver tone. The five leaves on the necklace each curl up artfully, while the earrings lay flat. This vintage set is a subtle, but adds charm to your already charming holiday outfit.
Vintage Enamel Necklace and Earring Set

Still looking for the perfect holiday outfit and accessories?  Check out Hey Viv ! Vintage Unwrap a Holiday Look on Etsy. You will find a wonderful selection of vintage red and white items fitting for any holiday party or occasion. The best part about going vintage is knowing that you are not only wearing a one of a kind piece, but that no one will be wearing the same dress and you! For more retro looks also try!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Introducting Vintage Weekend - An Online Antiques & Collectibles Show!

It's finally super secret project announcement time! Drum roll please... ;) 

What I've done is gathered together some of my amazing vintage selling friends (a few of which who are also members of The Vintage List!) to try out a new way for people to buy and sell antiques and collectibles online - it's based on the traditional real world flea market / antique show experience, only it's all done on the web instead of out in a field!

The show will happen once a month, Friday through Sunday - hence the Vintage Weekend name. All the dealers will open up their shops ONLY for the weekend of the show. From what I've heard from everyone, they will be offering up a lot of fresh finds - stuff they haven't listed anywhere else before. I know I have personally been stockpiling stuff for the last month or so, saving it specifically for my Vintage Weekend shop!

There is a complete dealer list on the website, and also there are category pages that will lead you to dealers that have items in that category available during the show. Payment is through PayPal, and shipping to the USA is FREE.

The best way to stay up to date with all the Vintage Weekend news is to sign up for the email newsletter - especially if you want show date reminders! I'll also use that list to put out a call for new dealers, when we get to that point...

I also set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account (Pinterest is coming soon!). Give us a follow, it should be a fun show! :)