Sunday, December 28, 2008

Comparing eBay alternatives - Video from ColderIce

One of the e-commerce bloggers that I really like is John Lawson aka ColderIce. He sells new items on eBay, so he isn't in the vintage selling niche, but much of what he talks about applies to anyone who has an online business.

I especially enjoy his videos, and the one he posted this weekend was the best one yet:

The eBay Alternatives: Planning for 2009

I think most of us are looking ahead to 2009, evaluating where we are and where we want to go, so this video couldn't have come at a better time! I know it has given me a lot to think about, and I'm sure there will be a couple more blog posts after this one about this subject.

I think most of us are also at least considering selling on multiple platforms, and deciding the best thing for your business is tricky, if not downright aggravating. I know I have been wrestling with it lately myself!

So do me a favor and check out the video. I will probably watch it one more time before I write in more depth about it - it's that good. ;)


John of said...

Thanks for the POST! Wow, you were right, I did get Etsy mixed up with eCrater on the video. I never even covered Etsy, but it still is a great place for the unique stuff simply because it is a niche site. Thanks for the heads up fellow buckeye ;-)

Mitzi - The Vintage List said...

No problem, thanks for making the video! I've been evaluating my plan for 2009 (I thought I had it all set, but things are conspiring to make me re-think the entire thing again!) and your perspective gave me another angle to look at it with, which can only help me - I hope! lol

Mitzi - The Vintage List said...

Oh and I didn't realize you were from Ohio! Which part? I am in Columbus, but grew up about half an hour north of here in a small town.