Monday, August 31, 2009

Flipping Vintage - 80's Stickers - Scratch & Sniff, Trend, Lisa Frank & More

I would imagine every vintage seller has those few big scores that will go down in history - the unforgettable find, that turned into the unforgettable sale.

For some of us, it was those scores that really got us hooked on selling online. It turns out it isn't the super finds that sustain an online business though, it's the steady, easier to find items in volume that keep us rolling along... But it is still really amazing when something really great comes through!

Anyway, I've had a few over the last couple of years, but the one I have to write about today has been one of the most surprising.

Vintage 80's Kent Chrome Moodies Stickers Lot MIP 1983
$17.29 for 3 packs 29 stickers total

I was poking around in the garage at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago, on half off day. I spotted a box full of stickers, sorted through it for a second, and asked the price for the whole box. Let's just say it was super cheap - I paid happily, and floated home.

I knew that people were collecting stickers from the 1980's - what child of the 80's didn't collect stickers? And anything people played with or collected when they were a kid is likely to be a collectible today. And if it is mint in its original packaging, all the better.

95% of the stickers in the box were never opened, and from the early 80's. I would imagine the person I got them from was a teacher, and had just thrown them in a box in the closet for 25 years.

(Side note - Does anyone else worry that in our, "clear the clutter", "newer is better", "semi-disposable" culture there won't be anything cool left for people to collect 25 years from now?)

The stickers my teachers always put on my papers in elementary school were Trend scratch and sniff stickers. There were a few in my box, check out some of the final selling prices:

Vintage 80's Trend Scratch & Sniff Stickers Lot 1 MIP
$52.89 for 3 packs 72 stickers total

Vintage 80's Trend Scratch & Sniff Stickers Lot 3 MIP
$41.79 for 3 packs 72 stickers total

Not too shabby! I was also happy to find some Lisa Frank stickers in the box also, those were always great back in the day and I had a lot of them in my treasured little sticker books. (I wonder whatever happened to those...)

Vintage Lisa Frank 80's Sticker Lot Betty Boop + MIP
$46.31 for 4 packs 60+ stickers total

The big surprise though was some Celebrity scratch and sniff stickers that I had never seen or heard of before - they were definitely the "hottest" out of the bunch, and I had a ton of them so I could list them in lots with a good variety.

Vintage 1980s Mark1 Scratch & Sniff Stickers Lot MIP
$96.99 for 4 packs 60+ stickers total

Vintage 1980's Mark 1 Scratch & Sniff Stickers Lot MIP
$100.55 for 4 packs 60+ stickers total

Yowza. (The jellybeans were my favorite of the bunch, by the way!)

Now, mostly what I have written about in the Flipping Vintage series in the past has been items that are a little more common, a little easier to find. These don't fall into that category - even though a lot of stickers were made back in the early 80's, there aren't that many that have survived until now in their original packages. I really think that is why these did so well - great for me and my October rent, and great for my buyers, to be able to add these to their collections!

The next best thing to mint in original package are stickers still on their original backing - unused, in other words. Those seem to sell well, though not for quite as much:

Vintage Trend matte scratch sniff stickers lot 60
$26.00 for 60 stickers total

Vintage Trend Matte Smelly Stickers (Lot of 9)
$26.00 for 9 stickers total
(I would imagine there was maybe a rare one or two in this lot to drive the price up a little - the witch? The car? I don't know.)

I couldn't find any that were off there backing that were listed, so I would assume they don't sell well, if at all...

So, the moral of this story is to dig through boxes - keep your eyes open for 80's stickers, especially scratch and sniff ones. It's definitely worth the time! :)

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Vyeshi said...

Sweet, sweet find. I have a few stickers around somewhere from my 80s collection. Nothing like this, though...MIP?!!
What a score.

thehangingflower said...

Oh I loved Lisa Frank so much!

Beth Cherkowsky said...

OH MY Word! My son used to buy tons of these things, every time he got his allowance. I wonder what I did with them? ummmm attic visit coming up I think.

this is a great find Mitzie, thanks for letting the rest of us in on it!

Melinda said...

I'd forgotten about scratch & sniff. I still have my 80's sticker book. There was a great store where I visited my grandmother that had all the good ones!

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

Those stickers bring back so many memories! I think I had most of them in my sticker collection when I was a kid.

redhedgingerbread said...

...So happy to stumble upon this blog; and CRAZY that just yesterday I was gushing to a friend about the Lisa Frank sticker collection I once had!!!

Geoffrey said...

I just found this post as I was searching for stickers for my wife, who often tells me about her amazing 80's sticker collection. Any chance those Lisa franks are still around? I have no idea how to contact you other than on here. I'll check back! Best, Geoffrey

Mitzi said...

Geoffrey, they all sold and I haven't come across any more. eBay is your best bet!

hillary said...


Just posted to

JV Media Design said...

Wow. I have all of these! They're somewhere at my parents house!

traci's mixed bag said...

I'm still not over losing my sticker book in the '80s.