Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WHAT'S HOT FROM MEMBER SHOPS ~ Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

It may seem a bit early to some...but for those of us here in the great white north...well, a lot of us just can't help thinking spring. Warmer weather, bulbs sprouting, birds chirping and....spring cleaning. That's right. Time to sweep out the cobwebs, throw open the windows and let all that glorious spring air blow new life into our homes. Ahhh...only 24 more days till spring.

For the What's Hot spot this week, let's go shopping for a little spring cleaning inspiration to get us in the mood.

It always helps to dress the part. This cute little apron should do the trick...we're not talking heavy work here girls...more like a little fluffing up.

From Tail Feathers Vintage: White flower and rick rack hostess apron

New home decor is a great motivator to get thing going. This modern style console bowl will look great on top of the entertainment center.

Century Finds has this unique vintage Boat Console Dish in stock now. Fabulous!

What else...

This Ceramic Flower Frog from Orange Cat Collectibles, has great style all on its own...but it will also be perfect sitting in the console dish to create a beautiful spring floral arrangement! I can almost smell the flowers now.

Mmmmm....we need something to fluff up the bedroom? Ooooh...how about these pillow?

C'est Chouette's beautiful Miniona Needlepoint Pillows. How pretty!

And Vintage Goodness Flea Market has the perfect lamps to complement them! Just right for the bedside tables.

Vintage Shabby Cottage Pink White Marble Table Lamp Set...very nice!

After all that hard work (wink wink)...I think we deserve a little reward. Something to freshen up our own look a bit. These are just the thing!

Fresh off the vine...Sweet Pea Earrings...they look good enough to eat!!

That's what's hot from member shops for this week. Hope it's given you a little inspiration for your spring cleaning. Happy home freshening!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking off my AuctionWally co-host hat...

Yesterday was a sad day here in The Vintage List land... I made the decision to step down from my role as co-host of the AuctionWally show. It's been a great 8 months doing the show with Walt, and I will miss it terribly!

My business partner and main squeeze, Will, went and got a job. I know, the nerve! Ok, not really - it's actually good news - an infusion of steady money will make things a lot less stressful here in our little world. The bad news is that it means I have to take on some of the work he usually does.

I sat at my computer and tried to figure out a reasonable schedule to fit everything that I need to do into my week this week - and failed miserably. That was when I knew something had to give.

The podcast was the last "extra-curricular" activity I had on my plate, so as sad as it made me, I let Walt know that I will just be a loyal listener from now on. :(

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Vintage List Blog on Facebook

I figured out how to add The Vintage List blog to the Facebook app called Networked Blogs - so if you are on Facebook, head on over and give us a follow, become a fan, and all that jazz!

Also it wants people to confirm that I am really the author, so if you could give me some confirmation love that would be swell. :)

The Vintage List is on Twitter!


Recently The Vintage List drank the Twitter Kool-Aid and signed up for an account. It was inevitable, the pull of Twitter is too strong for anyone to resist for long!

To go along with the usual Twitter chatter, I set up a feed for the blog, so a tweet will go out when a new post is up, and I also added a few vintage, antiques and collectibles feeds, so some interesting links should be showing up every so often too!


"Bid a little, bid a little, bid a little more, bid a little more than you did before. I got ten now ten'll get twenty..."

Ah, the familiar refrain of the auctioneer...and none call it better than our own AuctionWally aka Walt Kolenda. Walt has a great line of goods and unique services, all of which can be found on his website What's it Worth. Walt has even published his own book, you'll find that for sale on his site as well.

So Walt, how long have you been in the business?

Since 1983.

What made you decide to start selling online?

As an antiques auctioneer, I immediately recognized the massive potential that the Internet had for connecting with people who I may never have been able to reach before.

What are your favorite ways to find items for your shop?

I buy out of estates when I get house calls, I also buy at auctions and from other dealers. Sometimes I'll shop yard sales, but that's mostly as leisure these days.

What types of items can usually be found in your shop?

I am really getting into helping people who are into antiques and collectibles, through my service products. I have the best online appraisal service on the Web, I also do consultations, and have a killer eBook called, "Selling Your Valuables in Tough Times." I have plans to release a whole line of service products.

Selling Your Valuables in Tough Times

Guaranteed appraisal over the telephone
Guaranteed Online Appraisal

As far as tangible items go, because I get most of my items out of estates, your apt to find me selling almost any kind of antique or collectible.

Victorian era engraved prints

What are your goals and plans for the future?

To expand my service products line, step up my podcast production, and do more 1 on 1 work with clients.

The AuctionWally Show

If you could give one piece of advice to a seller who is just starting out, what would it be?

Brand yourself.

Sage advice Walt. I must say you have done an awesome job branding yourself!

It has been my pleasure getting to know more about you. I'm sure our readers have enjoyed it as well. Thanks so much for the interview. I encourage everyone, if you haven't already, please visit Walt's website and by all means tune into to the Auction Wally Show. It's quite an informative and fun listen!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AuctionWally Show 8pm EST - Dave White from eBay and Beyond

Tonight on the AuctionWally show we have as our guest the one and only Dave White, from eBay and Beyond! Dave is a great guy, if you haven't listened to his show before be sure to check it out. We are going to be discussing using the internet to help promote your brick and mortar store, plus a lot of other stuff if I know Walt and Dave! ;)

Before I go I have to toot our own horn just a little - the AuctionWally show was named one of the Top 100 Best Small Business Podcasts for 2009 by the good folks over at Small Business Trends Radio. And so was Dave's, by the way! Congrats to everyone on the list - keep up the good work!


Taking my cue from the March issue of Country Living Magazine...

I went shopping in vintage member shops looking for hot deals under $10. Here is a small sampling of what I found.


Vintage photographs continue to grow in popularity. Viewed as little works of art, they can be displayed in so many creative ways. The proverbial instant ancestors give charming glimpses into our shared history.

1960's era vintage photographs from Tacky Back In Time only $3.00 each!

A collection of vintage photos featuring women in hats found at Lisa's RetroStyle BlogShop a good deal at $8.


Another fun thing to collect are vintage games. Games can add interest to your shelves when stacked among your books. Pull one off the shelf at your next gathering and bring everyone together for some good old school fun!

1967 THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES GAME just $10 at Sanduca's Vintage Shop.


Jewelry is an ever popular collectible and can be found in all price ranges.

Brooches and pins have been especially sought after in recent years and show no sign of fading. When not being worn, pins make captivating displays. Re-purpose a sturdy piece of vintage linen (dresser scarfs or tea towels work great) over a small dowel. Hang on the wall, add vintage pins and double the enjoyment you get from your vintage collection.

This charming little Gerry's Puppy Dog Scatter Pin can be found at Mid Century Jewelry for a mere $10!

Vintage jewelry components are also quite popular. Whether creating a new piece of jewlery or an artful display one can't go wrong with vintage beads.

12 of these vintage Czech glass bell flower beads are only $2.25 at Black Star Beads.


Sewing notions and pincushions in particular have been growing in popularity. This genre of collecting is an especially practical one as the items in your collection can not only be lovely to look at but quite useful.

This little cutie is handmade from a re-purposed quilted pillow sham. It can be yours from Curby's Closet for $8.


Vintage and antique books are perennial collectibles. Everyone loves to read to their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews! These little vintage Golden Books fill that bill perfectly. Their desirability has certainly been growing so snap them up at great low prices while you can!

These two titles are illustrated by Richard Scarry...what a deal at only $4.95! Find them at Vintage Goodness Too.

You'll find all these and more thrifty deals in member shops. Hot treasures at cool prices...that's what's hot from member shops this week!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT ~ Black Star Jewelry

Meet Katie McClanahan! Vintage List member, owner and creative force behind the stunning shops Black Star Beads and Black Star Jewelry. Katie is also the author of Black Star blog. Her blog is a savory blend of tasty jewelry and beads, peppered with some savory photography and tempting tidbits of her life in Tennessee.

Sea Urchins with Sterling Silver

So Katie, how long have you been in business?

I've been making jewelry close to 15 years and I've been selling online 3 years this past January.

What made you decide to start selling vintage items?

I wanted to force myself to learn more about the computer. Notice I said 'force'. I really don't have an attachment to mine. I'd rather be doing most anything other than sitting in front of it. I've learned a lot in the 3 years that I've been selling online, but have a long way to go.

What are your favorite ways to find items for your shop?

Thrift stores, flea markets, online (see, I'm on the computer!) and word of mouth. It's amazing how many people will get in touch with me to tell me they have a box or boxes of, what I consider, treasure for me because they know that I make jewelry and sell beads.

Vintage Picasso Finish Beads

What types of items can usually be found in your shop?

My bead shop is stocked with probably 75% vintage beads, findings and thrifted finds.

My jewelry shop is filled with vintage laced jewelry using an eclectic assortment of vintage and contemporary components that are hand-knotted, wire-worked or simply strung. The metals that I use are sterling silver, gold filled, copper, brass and thrifted metals with unknown origins and mysterious backgrounds.

Where's There's Smoke..... Necklace

What are your goals and plans for the future?

I'm in the process of opening a few more shops; 3 off of Etsy and I'm toying with the idea of opening a Vintage shop on Etsy. I've got that one ready to go. It just needs to be stocked with inventory.

If you could give one piece of advice to a seller who's just starting out, what would it be?

Do what is right for YOU. Don't listen to anyone else when it comes to your prices, your pictures or anything else regarding your business. After all, it's your business and you want it to reflect who you truely are.

Thanks Katie! It's been wonderful learning more about you. I certainly think your shops and blog are a beautiful reflection of you! Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us. I hope everyone will have a look at Katie's shops...here and here and give her blog a read as well. I think you'll really enjoy them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CPSC Releases CPSIA Guide For Small Businesses, Resellers, Crafters, and Charities

Finally! The CPSC released a guide that answers a lot of questions that small businesses have had about the CPSIA Law - including how it relates to vintage items! And I quote:

Question 17: Can I sell vintage children’s books and other children’s products that are collectibles?

Yes. Used vintage children’s books and other children’s products sold as collector’s items would not be primarily intended for children. Because of their value and age, they would not be expected to be used by children. Therefore, they do not fall into the definition of children’s product and do not need to comply with the lead limits.

*sigh of relief*

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


"In the mysterious depths of their purses, women reveal their personalities, their fashion sense, and the everyday concerns that populate their lives." ~ Pasadena Museum of History

Member shops have a bevy of beautiful vintage and made from vintage purses to suit every personality and fashion sense. Just check these lovelies out...

Vintage 1950s pearl beaded purse by Richere, handmade in Japan. See more of this lovely purse at Some Like it Vintage.

This is a "gorgeous floral petit point purse that dates to the early 1900's, probably the 1920's". See it in more detail at Whimsical Vintage Jewelry and Collectibles

How sweet is this little vintage clutch! Visit Vintage Goodness Etsy Shop to see more of this little lovely.

This "Emerald Green Snakeskin Kelly Bag" is truly a classic. Have a closer look at Haute Country Vintage.

Show your moxie with this sassy little vintage wristlet fromMoxie Thrift.

This fun "Embroidered Rooster Bag with Wooden Handle" is in stock at Dusty Rose Vintage.

This roomy bag is recycled from vintage cutter fabric by Lisa's RetroStyle Etsy Craft & Supply.

Last but not least is this stunner by Georgia Peachez. It's made from a beautiful tropical inspired vintage barkcloth.

These handbags just begin to scratch the surface of the many hot vintage purses available in member shops. Surely you'll find one to meet your fashion sense...'cause a girls gotta have it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Like It Vintage - Helping Domestic Violence Victims One Sale At A Time

I'm so thrilled to introduce to you List member Veronica, from Some Like It Vintage - not only does she run an amazing shop, she also dedicates her free time and 10% of all her sales to helping victims of Domestic Violence. Here's her story:

SomeLikeItVintage.com, an independently owned website run by Veronica Cizmar of Toronto, Canada, features vintage & retro clothing, accessories and home decor. 10 percent of the web site's sales help women subjected to domestic violence -- something Veronica knows only too well. Just five years ago, she found herself in a whirlwind romance that would ultimately leave her a victim of abuse.

In the summer of 2002, Veronica met a businessman who said he was visiting the Canadian city for a meeting. Charming, handsome and seemingly well-connected, he claimed ties to many powerful forces in the U.S. Maintaining he was a first cousin of President Bush, Bruce had all the
visible merits to confirm his stories: the clothes, the belongings, the persona and, at times, the entourage.

"Bruce said he was, in fact, the head of the Bush family," Veronica says. Ominously, he told her that, "there was no divorce in his family; the only way out was by death-accident, natural cause or otherwise." By October, the two friends began dating and, swept off her feet, Veronica accepted his marriage proposal just two-and-a-half weeks later.

Almost immediately the atmosphere changed. Bruce turned aggressive, hostile and intimidating. "He had not touched me in any way yet. It was his attitude and demeanor that were becoming more and more aggressive and threatening; not just to me, but to others - waiters, concierge, strangers, family and friends," she says. Soon, he asserted further connections to the American mafia. Bruce, like many abusers, had cultivated a convincing life story and, like many victims, level-headed Veronica had been given all the evidence she needed to believe him. Despite gut feelings telling her to flee, Veronica soon became a prisoner, forced to stay in the relationship
believing Bruce had the power and influence to harm her or her family.

For 16 more months, Veronica was held hostage by her fiancé, beaten and tortured daily. Bruce was finally arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The recovery has been a long and arduous one, but with the help of martial arts classes, a supportive family and police authorities, Veronica is back on track and better than ever. She currently runs Some Like it Vintage on a full time basis, volunteers at a women's shelter, studies martial arts and conducts self-defense seminars for women.

For the full story as featured in Romantic Homes Magazine, click here.

If you would like to donate, visit JustGive.org and search the term Domestic Violence - hundreds of charities are listed there!

Current items available at SomeLikeItVintage.com:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Terry Kovel - Yes, THE Terry Kovel - Tonight on the AuctionWally Show - 8pm EST

I can't believe our luck - Terry Kovel, antiques world rock star, has agreed to come on the show and do an interview! Be there or be square!

What's Hot From Member Shops - Have A Very Vintage Valentine's Day!

With Valentines Day just around the corner what could be hotter than jewelry...and nothing says "you're special" more than one of a kind vintage jewelry!

Whether you're looking for a little bling for yourself, mother, daughter, best girlfriend... or you just need some links to nudge your sweetie in the right direction... check theses beauties out!

1.) The Eclectic Diva Vintage Dragonfly Brooch 2.) Orallo Booth Japan Jewelry Necklace & Earrings 3.) BeedRee Friendship Charm Necklace 4.) Sunday and Sunday Vintage Coro Sterling Silver Red Glass Flower Pin

1.) Design Connection Amethyst Brooch, Necklace and earrings 2.) Lbrhiannon Purple Rhinestone Pendant w/Opals 3.) Lisa’s RetroStyle Vintage Shop Signed Trifari Silver Metal Choker 4.) Vintageday Double Heart Rhinestone Spray Pin

Your Valentine will be "oh so pleased" to receive any of these vintage treasures!!

So, that's what's hot in members shops this week. See ya next week for another installment. Now get out there and find someone to KISS!