Monday, December 5, 2011

Double Feather Spray - Orange Blush Blossom - Velvet Stem

BLOOMING Two stems of gathered feathers with soft downy bottoms and blossoming into billowy orange blush feathers.

This set of feathers has been wrapped and wired onto a dark brown velvet stem, the upper stem is wrapped in brown tape. They can rise as a long graceful spray or bent to rest side by side. Would make a lovely hat trim or Fascinator.

Did you know ? Feathers on hats reached a peek during the Edwardian era known as the "Plume Boom." Large feathers were curled and steamed into fantastic shapes to adorned fashionable hats.

"Birds of all kinds were used for both their feather and bodily appearance. Ostrich, heron, peacock and bird of paradise were enormously popular, but common garden fowl, such as pigeon, turkey and goose were also used. Feathers were put through several stages of processing before they were ready to be attached to hats. In the final forms they were known to the trade as plumes, pompons, aigrettes, breasts, wings, pads, bands (that would to encircle the crown or to outline the brim), and quills. "

excerpt taken from read more at this site about the processing of feathers for fashion and the fashion feather sweatshops that existed to fill the demand.

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