Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brighten up with Flowers

Want some color in your life? Spark up a dull day, a quiet hat or jacket lapel with fabric flowers. They can be attached to a headband or wisp of netting to make a quick Fascinator. They can be added to a hat with a quick pin or sewn into place when you need something permanent. Fabric flowers come in a variety of colors and shades from vivid rainbow hues to soft pastels so look around - there's plenty to chose from.

Check on Etsy for vintage flowers or handcrafted flowers or if you'd like to make your own there are tutorials on everything from hand dying to how to construct a fabric flower.


TWILIGHT - Two shabby chic fabric vintage millinery flower sets in contrasting colors.

*The 8" long strand of four cream colored fabric flowers is wired to a green stem. Each flower has fluttery petals surrounding a yellow center.

* The vivid blue fabric rose is a pin with one big blossom and a rosebud on a long stem. The rose has velvet petals mixed in with the fabric petals. The rose is about 5" wide.

* The blossoms will brighten up any jacket, top or hat or can be worn as a pin.

Hey Viv Discovered on Etsy - Unique vintage supplies and findings.

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