Friday, March 2, 2012

Sky Blue Roses and Fluffy Clouds Make Me Smile :)

I was struck this week by the wide variety of patterns and designs that I've seen on fabrics used to make vintage clothing. Of course there's the usual teeny tiny flowers, bold brassy geometric or stripes. But I've also seen some wacky fabrics with cereal boxes and food cans - so retro kitschy 50s kitchen. And how about cartoon characters and comic strips - I suppose it was to give you something to do while waiting for a bus. Hey, I can read my dress !

Some fabrics reproduce a real pattern like wood grain or marble. While some fabrics seem to have a creative mind of their own with wild colors or Dali-esque designs like lipsticks and lips floating through the air. Yes, that's an actual fabric I've seen.

Any way you slice it or decorate it I know my day is brightened by an imaginative use of color or pattern in a dress or top. Thank you vintage fabric designers for your free thinking ways :)

TEA PARTY - Retro long sleeved dress with flared skirt - sz med

* This gentle day dress is a soft blue and white color. The pattern combines roses and clouds in a slightly misty look that reminds me of watercolors. The bodice has tiny pleats across the front, plain in the back. The long sleeves have buttons cuffs. The dress has a flared skirt and a nylon back zipper.

Hey Viv ! On Etsy - Vibrant and fanciful clothes with personality.

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