Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey Viv ! on Etsy - Hostess with the Mostest - Vintage Cocktail Aprons

Vintage Apron - Sheer Watercolor Sky - Blue Netting with Bows - Ethereal

This sheer blue apron has a medium stiff light sky blue netting. The piping and bows are made out of a pretty pastel fabric - it is printed with a sponge painting-like design in pink, blue, violet, white, and black. The piping helps the apron keep it's shape as well.

Not so practical for housework, but lovely over a fancy frock.

Once upon a time, aprons were an essential everyday garment for women who kept a home running (as well as bakers, carpenters, butchers, blacksmith, and many other trades that were typically male-dominated). Aprons covered the front of the dress, protecting it from the food, dirt, and scuffing that were part of a difficult daily routine. Around the middle of the 20th century, the plain women's apron began bifurcating into two garments--the smock, a sort of enveloping coverall that completely covered the garment beneath for cooking and housework, and the cocktail apron, a small apron meant to be worn over the skirt of a fit & flare dress. While smocks are sturdy workhorse garments, usually made from cotton or poly blends and designed to take heavy punishment, the cocktail apron has become an almost entirely ornamental piece. Cocktail aprons might give a little protection to a nice party dress against a dropped hors d'oeuvre, their primary function is to complement a woman's dress while signalling her role as the hostess. Some of these creations have even found their way into New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art!

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